Ex Crush Saying

my Ex-crush.. i mean the one that i ‘used’ to like .. He ask me something.. He asked me, “want me to help”


New Crush

haha i’m a little bit  too late writing this. well, during the dinner, i met someone . He’s from another school and he’s my teacher’s son. But, i won’t meet him anymore. Now I miss him ❤

He Has A Gf

What’s going on? I’m loving someone who has been taken. I seriously hate him. Seriouslyy!! I hate him so much! He had taken my heart and just throw it away?  Well, you know how I know about this? I’ve hacked him . He’s so stupid. His password is just the same as his username. He’s the one that is so stupid! But , look at the bright side,  I’ve known about him and now I will stop hoping, right?
I really have to move on!

Quote of the day:
“To Love is to Risk not being Loved in Return”

Stupid Text

yeah! I’m back from my teacher’s Open House. Know what? My teacher invited his classmates. So, he’s invited too. Too bad he’s not there. Well, I’ve texted him just now but I’ve been waiting for two hours for him to reply. But, he didn’t reply until now. I really think that he is such a monster. Can’t he understand my feelings? Well, sometimes I think I have to move on. So, bye ‘My Guy’ . But always remember guy, I will always love you no matter what. But now, I just want to have a new crush. It helps me to forget you. I still Love You ❤

He’s Absent

I don’t know if this sounds desperate, but he didn’t come to school today! Then, suddenly I found someone that can replace him for a while. I have to know his name. I called my second crush Mr. Unknown. Yeah he’s good looking of course! with his t-shirt on. I love his style. Well, my friend says that I shouldn’t like 2 people and where do I put ‘My Guy’ if this ‘Mr. Unknown’ took his place. But please think, friend. ‘My Guy’ does not love me in return. I just have a crush on him. So, should I just wait for him to love me? Should I wait for something impossible? Should I let him hurt me? No, No, and No. So, I’m having a second crush is not a wrong thing to do. Well, ‘My Guy’ ! I still love you . But do something so that I will love you forever. Thanks for making my day. But please, do come to school everyday. I miss you ❤